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Living Authentically

What it really means to be local and why we are so grateful for your support!

What it really means to be local and why we are so grateful for your support!

We have been mulling over the idea of Amazon gobbling up Whole Foods, and thinking about retail and this world that we live in!  When we read about this merger, we felt like we were a little dinghy in a vast sea of cargo ships. Then we decided to put a positive spin on it!  You know what?  We love being small, being able to maneuver quickly, bring in new products, new ideas, and really get to know our customers.

Just this week we had a customer reach out to see if we were interested in carrying her honey. The very next day we had 12 jars of golden yummy goodness on the shelf.  We also had a conversation about bees and beekeeping. This is what it means to be a small business when you can have a conversation about the subtle notes of flavor in the honey because you know where the bees fly.

I wish that every product we carried allowed us to have the same type of relationship with the vendor, but you can bet that we pay close attention to what our manufacturers value, what ingredients they refuse to use, and how they interact with us.

Please stop in and say hi. We love being your local source for all that is good and clean!

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These are just a few of the local products we are delighted to carry:

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