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Staying Centered

“Created by nurses, committed to wellness” is our mantra and therefore it encompasses everything we do. From the music we play, to the linens in our spa, and the smile that greets you; we genuinely care about your well-being.

So many times customers walk into our little shop on Hope Street, pause inside the door and simply take a deep breath. Comments range from “Wow, it smells so great in here!” to “This is just what I needed today.”  We hope that we have truly created a place of wellness so that when you walk in our door you feel welcomed, cared for, and relaxed.

We want you to have that same feeling in your own home or workspace, and we have so many great things to help you relax, unwind and destress.

Brenda Brock of Farmaesthetics has perfected her Etheric Inhalation Oils, and right now she Pick Me Up Oil is just what we all need. Brenda says it best, use this oil “When a weary worldview gets you down” by warming a drop or two by rubbing your palms together and then held to your face for a gentle inhale. It will restore your spirits and revive your soul. The Pick Me Up oil comes in a sweet size and is perfect for tucking into your purse or your desk drawer so that a pick me up is always within reach.

One of my favorite go-to items for relaxing at night is Farmacy Herbs Unwind Your Mind Tea. The ritual of measuring the tea, waiting for the water to warm up and then the relaxation that follows makes it my favorite nighttime ritual.

My absolute favorite relationship habit is lighting a candle by the side of the bed each night, a simple ritual that reminds us that all is well, we have each other, we have light and we have warmth. A lovely way to fall asleep, as the scent of the candle lingers after it is blown out. Our Creative Energy Candles also turn into a warm lotion that can be used for massage or to soften your heels or hands.

We would love to hear more about how you are tending to your little corner of the world, staying centered and being the love we all want to see in the world!

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  • SANDRA- 24 NOVEMBER 2018 15:41

    I stay centered by using a salt lamp, diffuser and meditating. Being in nature and taking salt baths helps a lot, also.


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