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Kokokahn Essential Oil Roll On Release

Essential Oil Roll On Release


Essential Oil Lavender Roll On

Pure, Organic, French Lavender essential oil blended in an organic jojoba oil base. In a convenient roll on for stress, sleep, bug bites or to wear as a perfume.


Kokokahn Essential Oil Roll On Frankincense and Myrrh

Frankincense and myrrh essential oils in an organic jojoba oil base. In a convenient roll on for dabbing under the nose, wrists or neck.


Kokokahn Essential Oil Roll On Cool Relief

A blend of 8 muscle and joint soothing essential oils. Includes lemongrass, lavender, frankincense and helichrysum. Roll on sore knees, neck, lower back or other areas. Great for sports injuries. Roll on sore muscles and joints. Massage in gently to he


Kokokahn Essential Oil Orange

Sweet orange essential oil is a happy, uplifting oil. Good for stress, sadness, digestion and cleaning with essential oils.


Kokokahn Essential Oil Lemon

Lemon is great for cleaning with essential oils. It is a natural de-greaser and immune stimulator.


Kokokahn Essential Oil Lavender

Lavender Essential Oil is good for stress, sleep and itchy bug bites.


Kokokahn Essential Oil Frankincense

Frankincense essential oil has many holistic health benefits. It is especially good for dry, aging skin, pain and asthma. It is a gentler choice for people and children with asthma.


Kokokahn Essential Oil Black Spruce

Black Spruce Essential Oil is a respiratory supporting oil. It is especially helpful in soothing persistent coughs and bronchitis. It is also gentle and soothing for asthma.


Asian Blossom Diffuser

Serene Living Asian Blossom Diffuser


Green Air Obsidian Glass Diffuser

Serene Living Obsidian Glass


Province Apothecary Japanese Brass Incense Holder

Use this ball and stand incense holder for your favourite scent to refresh your space. Approx 3/4" tall.


Province Apothecary Sweetgrass Braid

Sweet grass (Hierchole odarata) is one of the most sacred herbs, sometimes known as 'holy grass' or 'the hair of Mother earth'. Separately each strand is not as strong as the strands are when braided together. It is used to bring positive, healing energy


Province Apothecary Incense Cedarwood

Grounding + Strengthening Cedar wood Incense clears the air, putting you at ease in your own skin. They infuse charcoal incense by hand with wild-crafted essential oils to bring you effortless aromatherapy for your everyday spaces. Each package contai


Province Apothecary Incense Orange

Evoke the warmth and spirit of the holiday season! Clove and Cinnamon are ancient spices long recognized for their warming effect on the body. The blend kindles warmth in the home while also encouraging blood flow to the mind, increasing clarity and enha


Province Apothecary Calm Down Roll On

We all have our stressful days when a million thoughts race through our heads, a million things need to get done, and we cannot stop the racing clock. Therapeutic Roll On puts an end to the rush and helps relieve anxiety, panic, worry, and stress. Mandar


Province Apothecary Focus Now Roll On

Life is full of distractions, making it difficult to be mindful of the here and now. This blend will help to stimulate your thought processes, reduce mental fatigue, and improve concentration. Basil relieves stressful thoughts allowing the mind to focus


Province Apothecary Sleep Well Roll On

This blend can help you relax from a stressful day and lead you into peaceful sleep. Lavender eases anxiety, slows down your heart rate, and takes you into deeper sleep. Petit Grain eases tension, balances the nervous system, and promotes restful sleep. M


Province Apothecary Uplift Roll On

Sometimes you need a boost to help you take on the challenges of the day. This blend will enhance your mood and make you feel invigorated. Bergamot and Geranium relaxes the mind, opening it up to joy and laughter. Frankincense composes thoughts, easing wo


Farmaesthetics Pick Me Up Inhalation Oil

What it is: When a weary world view is bringing you down, this fine herbal essential oil blend enlivens your weary demeanor, renewing positivity and vigor for a fresh outlook.


Farmaesthetics Adrenal Support Inhalation Oil

What it is: An oil that helps your adrenal glands maintain appropriate energy levels to prevent fatigue and exhaustion from relentless over-firing.

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