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Waxing Kara Mask Harvest

Used regularly, this mask cuts through toxins and excess oils on the skin’s surface to be washed away.


Waxing Kara Mask Bee Inspired

Without bees, this mask would not be possible.


Waxing Kara Mask Calming

Soothe, Invigorate + Nourish Your Face and Body


Waxing Kara Mask Clarity

Exfoliate and detoxify your face and body with this amazing mask. Highly recommended for those with acne problems, blemishes and oily skin.


Au Naturale All Over Shadow Brush

All-Over Shadow Brush has been creatively designed to gently apply our pure eye products with an even and controlled distribution.


Au Naturale Crease Shadow Brush

Blend with precise application with Au Naturale's crease shadow brush. The crease shadow brush is ideal for a controlled eye shadow application, and boasts the ability to blend beautifully.


Au Naturale Angle Liner Brush

The Au Naturale angle liner brush is designed for optimal usage with all eye shadow products (both wet and dry), and can also be used to define the brows.  


Au Naturale Signature Brush Collection

All Au Naturale Makeup brushes are animal-free with plush, luxury vegan bristles.


Au Naturale Travel Brush Set

Au Naturale Travel Brush Set


Au Naturale Creme Foundation Brush

The Creme Foundation Brush was specifically made to be used to apply the Organic Creme Foundations.


Bulldog Original Moisturizer

Bulldog Original Moisturizer


Bulldog Deodorant Patchouli and Cedarwood

Bulldog Deodorant Patchouli and Cedarwood