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Waxing Kara Body Butter Sweet 7 oz

Cover yourself from head to toe in vanilla, tangerine and honey. It’s sweet. 7oz


RMS Raw Coconut Cream

The ultimate organic beauty product! This can honestly be called the best makeup remover ever. Removes even the most stubborn mascara with ease. This multitasking product can also be used as a facial cleanser and skin moisturizer.


Indigo Wild Zum Body Lotion Sea Salt Tube

You'll be breaking blahs with a lotion that relaxes in refreshing citrus and restored skin with natural sea salts. Esalen, here you come. 


Indigo Wild Zum Oil Dragonsblood

Renaissance for skin stuck in the dark ages. When your body is feeling needy, the ingredients of dragon's blood infused organic sunflower oil is what you knead.


Waxing Kara Body Butter Peace of Mind 7 oz

Peace of Mind is an essential oil blend of lavender and citrus.  7oz


Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Oil

harmonizes and protects There are times when your skin and mind long for harmonizing, strengthening care. Promote a sense of balance and well-being with this delicate, nourishing body oil. Rose Body Oil with extracts of damask roses and rose essential oi


Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn Toning Body OIl

Supple, toned skin depends upon skin elasticity. Blackthorn Toning Body Oil features extracts of tender blackthorn blossoms and birch leaves to promote skin elasticity. Sun-drenched St. John’s wort and jojoba oil support the skin’s processes of renewal to


Java Body Serum 4 oz

The signature ingredient in JAVA Serum is Green Coffee infused Organic Argan oil combined with botanical extracts. Fragrance: Orange Blossom


Indigo Wild Zum Body Lotion Almond Pump

Sweet, with a lovely, delicate scent that's a cross between creamy mascarpone and delicious macaroons, this lotion is guaranteed to please. 


Farmaesthetics Midnight Honey Bath and Beauty Oil

Recipient of Earth Day Beauty Award: "Most Luxurious Post-Shower Hydration"! A most mysterious elixir, Honey is unlike any other ingredient in nature. In fact, the constituents of honey are so many and so intricate and perfect, that even science, in all i