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Om4Men Om4Men Shave Mask (Oily)

Introducing an INDUSTRY FIRST with our new Purifying Oil Control Shave Mud Mask capable of fighting oil production and reduce blackheads by up to 40%!


Om4Men Om4Men Travel Starter Set (Oily)

Enjoy the Travel Starter set that includes a TSA approved travel bottle of the 4 steps: 1oz. Wash, 1oz. Balance, 0.5oz Bioactivate, and 1oz. Defend


Om4Men Om4Men (Normal Step 2) Surface Refining pH Balancer

Cooling, anti-inflammatory and regenerative toner that protects, firms and resurfaces the skin.


Om4Men Om4Men (Oily Step 2) Purifying pH Balancer

A potent antiseptic and antibacterial tonic to help to keep pores clear of accumulated debris.


Om4Men Om4Men (Oily Step 3) Vitamin A Regulating Serum

Drench your skin with bioactive nutrients and protect it from stresses of everyday life.


Om4Men Om4Men (Sensitive Step 2) Soothing Ocean Mineral Splash

A soothing aftershave/after cleansing toner designed exclusively for male sensitive skin.


Om4Men Om4Men (Prevent) Eyebright Age Defying Moisture Complex

Evening eye hydration dramatically reduces eye puffiness and circles upon waking. Eyebright, Elderflower, Acai and Cucumber reduce inflammation and dark circles while oxygenating and lifting the skin.