Bath Salts/Oil

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Naturopathica Naturopathica Deep Forest Bath & Body Oil

Infused with intoxicating Evergreen notes of Balsam, Fir, Pine and Juniper and laced with Sicilian Bergamot, this purifying oil is traditionally used to cleanse and rebalance the body.


Naturopathica Naturopathica Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes 11oz

This recipe combines Sweet Birch with Magnesium bath flakes to re-invigorate sore muscles and stiff joints. An essential daily soak for yogis and athletes.


Farmaesthetics Farmaesthetics Warming Oil

When a warm and welcome hearth is hard to find, this Warming Oil will serve to cut winter’s chill with heat-producing herbs and oils that impart a gentle glow- inside and out.


Indigo Wild Indigo Wild Zum Tub Bath Salts Dragon's Blood

Extinguish stress with a chi-laxing aromatherapy bath.


Indigo Wild Indigo Wild Zum Chakra Gift Set

A New Age outpouring of seven scented natural bath salts that tune in your chakras and tune out the world.


SoapWalla SoapWalla Recharge Bath Salts

Experience your own at-home spa therapy with these Recharge Indulgent Bath Soaking Salts, which soothe tired muscles, relieve aches and pains, soften the skin, eliminate toxins, and reenergize the spirit. These healing and detoxifying Soaking Salts enrich


Indigo Wild Indigo Wild Zum Tub Bath Salts Sandalwood Citrus

Do use this as an elevation device. You'll rise above in warm, sultry, sandalwood that uplifts and harmonizes with tangy citrus. 


Indigo Wild Indigo Wild Zum Tub Bath Salts Lavender Mint

Spearmint picks you up with invigoration, while lavender lays you down calm-laden sweetness. As a couple, they're rich and brisk, climaxing in a pure euphoria.


Indigo Wild Indigo Wild Zum Tub Bath Salts Eucalyptus

This sweet leaf can didgeridoo it all; clearing your mind, fighting fatigue, and refreshing down under. Fresh and light with an accent of punch herbal.


Farmaesthetics Farmaesthetics Petal Roses Solar Salts

Applications & Benefits: • Beautifying, detoxifying therapeutic rose bath soak • Relieves tired muscles and calms an active mind


Farmaesthetics Farmaesthetics Field Lavender Solar Salts

The skin is a giant organ of elimination, getting rid of waste products through the pores, as carried in sweat. A high mineral content salt bath is one of the most effective means for achieving this detoxification process, as well as for re-mineralizing t