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Naturopathica Naturopathica Primrose Eye & Lip Treatment

A light blend of hydrating Evening Primrose Oil and regenerating Acai Fruit Oil that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. Absorbs quickly for supple, smoother skin.


Raw Elements Raw Elements Lip Balm Rescue SPF 30

UVA-UVB TRUE BROAD SPECTRUM SUNSCREEN *Uncoated - Recycled - Non NANO Zinc Oxide* Biodegradable - Moisturizing - Reef Safe - Non Migrating Very Water Resistant - Never Runs - Never Stings Eyes


Raw Elements Raw Elements Lip Balm Herbal Rescue

HERBAL RESCUE LIP BALM is the conscious consumer's answer to ultimate lip care.


JAVA Skin Care Java Lip Duo Bloom

Natural Rose Lip Scrub & Tinted Lip Balm Set


Dr. Hauschka Dr. Hauschka Labimint Acute Lip Care

soothes dry, irritated lips Renews, nourishes and protects lips at the first signs of dryness or irritation. Intensive natural ingredients provide quick, cooling relief. For all skin conditions.


Noyah Noyah Lip Balm Spearmint

A mint and a lip balm - all in one friendly little tube.


Noyah Noyah Lip Balm Classic

A perfect, effortless balm for a perfect, effortless you. The classic formula leaves lips soft but won’t mess with your taste buds. Great for sensitive skin. All the moisture you want in a balm without any of the drama.


Noyah Noyah Lip Balm Cherry

Noyah's cherry lip balm moisturizes your lips and packs a full punch of flavor.


JAVA Skin Care Java Demitasse Lip Scrub

Inspired by the French Espresso Romano where your espresso shot is served with a twist of lemon, our Demitasse Lip Scrub is a delicious way to smooth and plump your lips naturally, using only five organic ingredients.


Farmaesthetics Farmaesthetics Lip Softener

Our luscious lip treatment is 100% effective, and 100% natural. Finally a lip treatment product that tastes good, looks good, feels good, is good…all without any artificial ingredients. Loaded with herbs and oils to heal and accentuate, this preparation i


Dr. Hauschka Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick

Moisturizing and protective, Lip Care Stick nurtures dry, chapped lips, soothing, softening and nourishing even the most sensitive lips. Provides a soft, silky shine.


Dr. Hauschka Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm

soothes, nurtures and protects Lip Balm offers intensive, soothing care for dry, chapped lips. This rich balm promotes skin renewal and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing, softening and providing a translucent shine.


JAVA Skin Care Java Lip Balm

The Lip Balm is made with: organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic argan oil infused with organic green and roasted coffee, beeswax, lemon essential oil, vitamin E